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Welcome to my blog: A forum to post upcoming events and irregular musings.

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A busy fall ahead


Just a quick note here to say that I've updated my Events page, which now reflects the activities I have lined up this fall related to the upcoming publication of Veritas, my second novel. This is my first book with my new publisher, Bold Strokes Books, and I'm excited to be a part of this company. BSB has become one of the largest LBGTQ publishers in the world and is continually expanding its reader base by publishing authors who write in many different styles. In a world that seems to be contracting, it's fun to watch a well-run company expand.

I'm poised at the beginning of my third novel. I have been researching like mad, but have not yet started writing. Frankly, I am nervous. This story is unlike any that I've written before and it feels much bigger. I'm having the usual attack of nerves where I tell myself there's no way I can pull this off. And that may be the case. But I won't know until I start in on it, get a feel for it, get my arms wrapped around it. The trouble is, when it seems elephant sized, it's hard to get one's arms around it at all. This is why someone came up with that old adage - that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. If you think of the whole thing, it likely won't get done.

I'm being vague about the subject of the next book, mostly because of the uncertainty of whether it will get written. Once I'm underway I'll come out about it all and maybe post an early chapter or two.

Summer is winding down, and that always catches me by surprise. September is almost upon us, and though it's my favorite month of the year, it always makes me feel a bit sad.
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