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Wyoming Residency


Tomorrow I'll be returning home after a wonderful two week residency in Dayton, Wyoming called the Tongue River Artist Residency. I had a house to myself, a car to drive, and I met some of the friendliest people imaginable. The scenery here is just astounding. I quickly set up a schedule of working on my book until early afternoon and then hiking or sight seeing. I managed to get a ton done on the book and I got to know this area. It's the kind of place where you search on Zillow to see if it's possible to live there. But there are those Wyoming winters to contend with. I was staying in the very small town of Dayton, in the Big Horn Mountain. The Gallery on Main hosted a reading for me and it was the most fun I've ever had at a reading. The audience was very engaged and asked lots of questions.

The book I'm working on is called Olive Street House and I'm having a blast writing it. Hopefully you'll see it out in the world in the next year or so. Everything moves glacially in the publishing world.
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