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I wish this post was only about writing . . .


I have a new book coming out in about six weeks. In my normal world I would be excitedly planning all of my publicity stuff, getting ready for readings, feeling that hard to describe joy I have when my baby is about to be launched into the world. I'm experiencing all of that, but in a way much muted by the fact that I was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago. Talk about your trump card. At this point, so early in the journey, every thought I have that doesn't relate to breast cancer, ends in some thought about breast cancer. I'm even boring myself.

So, I'll talk just a little about that here. My diagnosis is a clinically staged IIa invasive ductal carcinoma, with the added element of it being a triple negative variety. Triple negative means I don't have any of the hormone receptors that would allow me to take the drugs like Tamoxifen that have proved very effective in deterring recurrence. It's an aggressive cancer with a higher rate of recurrence. So, that scared the hell out of me. But, TNs are also pretty receptive to chemotherapy, so I'm concentrating on the positives there. I started chemo two days ago and that will continue on an every other week basis for four months. Then surgery and then radiation. As someone said to me, 2012 is my cancer year.

I can't tell you how overwhelmed I've been by the support and good wishes coming my way. It's almost hard to believe. And I couldn't ask for a better partner. Linda has been amazing, though that's no surprise. Every time I thank her for all that she's doing, she simply says "2009." That was the year she almost died of pneumonia and I played Florence Nightengale for awhile. I'm just sorry we have this opportunity to for her to play nurse.

So far the chemo isn't too bad, so I'm hoping the long course of treatment won't be hideous. When I first heard the diagnosis, I fixated on the woman in the play Wit, who was so sick during treatment it was hard to watch. Thankfully, this is nothing like that. Fatigue is the biggest thing so far, which to me means a good opportunity to lay on the couch with a book.

Now, a bit about the upcoming release of Runaway. I've updated the Events section of the website, which details my appearances planned so far. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the BSB Book Festival in Palm Springs, which I've been to the last three years. It's such a great time for both authors and readers, and I'll miss it. My friend and fellow BSB author, Carsen Taite, will be reading from my book during one of the sessions, which I'm so happy about.

My book launch is March 22 at Women and Children First, where I will appear wearing my wig, possibly something that looks like my normal hair or perhaps something in the way of dreadlocks. We'll see. The rest of my promotional activity will largely be internet based - radio shows and the like - which is a really great development in terms of getting the word of out without having to get out of the house. I didn't realize how important that would be for me.

Runaway is available for pre-order from, in both print and e-book version. The official release is March 13.

That's it for now. I'll check in again as treatment progresses.
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