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Money Creek


I have a new book coming out called Money Creek. It doesn't have anything to do with money. I saw a sign saying "Money Creek' by the road side as I drove around central Illinois. I loved the sound of it. A little research revealed the creek was named after the founder of a nearby town, Robert Money. I knew it was perfect for my new novel about a woman who moves downstate from Chicago to try to sort out her thoroughly messed up life.

Anyway, the book will appear mid-September of this year, provided the corona virus crisis doesn't push it back, which is entirely possible. Speaking of which, I hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy. I'm working on a new book and I certainly have ample time now to devote to it, though it doesn't really work that way for me. I'm a slow and steady writer. I write 2-3 pages a day, everyday, and somehow it eventually adds up to a book. I can write more intensively when I'm on a writing retreat. Maybe I should consider this stay at home order as a writing retreat and really dig in. I'll try it. Linda is working from home full-time, which our two cats, Tater and Scout, really enjoy. We've started a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle to pass the time. Frankly, it looks impossible to me. We'll never finish it before the end of self-distancing.

I'll post more as publication nears and I start appearing at promotion events. If there still are such things. I think a lot is going to change post-crisis that will make our lives permanently different than they were before. I'm not sure what, but this is too big a thing not to have a lasting impact. Maybe some of it will be good -- the two parties working together in Congress, less polarization, more appreciation for the simple things in life. I can only hope. Until next time.
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