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Welcome to my blog: A forum to post upcoming events and irregular musings.

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I'm back


Welcome to my new web site! I wanted a fresh new look as I start another chapter in my writing life. I've decided to move on from small house publishing to mainstream publishing, and the book I'm currently working on is being written with that in mind. Now, just because I want to be in the mainstream doesn't make it happen. I still have to finish the book, find an agent, and then sell the book to a publisher.  But I'm encouraged by some early interest from a couple of agents. Mainstream publishing will make my books more readily available in libraries and bookstores and hopefully reach a wider audience. I still have a relationship with my current publisher, Bold Strokes Books, and you may see future books from them. BSB has been nothing but fantastic in growing, promoting, and supporting me as an author and I'll always be extremely grateful. 
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