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A Date To Die


October 17 was the publication date for my newest novel for Bold Strokes Books. A Date To Die has a history to it. As I wrote about in my last blog entry, way back last year, I'd attempted to publish in the mainstream, with a heterosexual main character, a New  York agent, and a lot of hope. That didn't work out. My agent submitted the novel to the top seven publishers, I got a lot of positive feedback, but alas, no takers. I then switched the character over to lesbian and sold the book to BSB. Of course I'm happy to have a book published by my long time publisher. The lesbian fiction community is home and BSB has been nothing but good to me. But I have ambitions to reach a broader audience and I'll try once again with the book I'm currently writing.

The launch of ADTD was a lot of fun. My poet friend Beth Brandt flew in from Philadelphia to read with me and she was a big hit. The bookstore was full, the reading went well, and I sold a lot of books. What more could I want? This is always my favorite part of the whole book publishing process, the time an author can come out of her cave and connect with readers. 
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