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Just wanted to quickly share that a really nice review of Veritas appeared on AE has long been one of my favorite websites because it not only concerns itself with all things relating to lesbian culture and entertainment, but does so with a great sense of humor and an impressive reach. It's a thrill to see my name there. Heather O'Neil, the AE book person, reviews my book and two others in this piece, which you can see here. The review mentions that I was named a fellow in the Lambda Literary Foundation's Emerging Writers program, so Lambda picked this up and put it on their page as well. All in all, a very good day.

I have not been reviewed that much in my short career, so each time I come across one is an adventure. I coach myself to remember that if the review is bad it doesn't mean that I am. I can easily get the two things confused. And if the review is great, it also doesn't mean that I am. I always get that confused:-) But honestly, I don't know any writer who is unaffected by reviews. There are some, no doubt. I just don't know them. They've evolved past a point I have any reasonable hope of reaching in my lifetime. All of this is to say that I am ridiculously pleased to read good reviews and hurt and sad to read bad reviews. In other words - human.

It's just a month away now from my trip to Vermont for four weeks of writing and walking and leaf gazing. I'm hoping to power my way through the book I started late last year. If I can get a good manuscript put together by November, I have a fair shot of being published in 2011. If not, I'll need to wait until 2012, which seems so far away. But I should know by now how quickly time passes. Vermont will be here in a flash, with 2012 right behind it. The important thing, really, is to write something I'm proud of, not write something as fast as possible.

'Til next time.
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2011-04-06 23:49:53 by Liefleste

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