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    The Acquittal hits the shelves

    Oct 15, 2014 by Anne Laughlin

    My new book, The Acquittal, has just been released, an event that still stuns me. Even after five novels (if you count the one I wrote under a pen name, which I do), it still feels amazing to sell books. A total stranger plunks down money to read something I wrote. Crazy! I hope I never get used to the idea. It's part of the wonder of the book writing process. 

    You'll find details of upcoming readings on the Events page. My official book launch is scheduled for Oct. 30th at Women and C...

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    Author Blog Tour

    Jun 23, 2014 by Anne Laughlin

    June 23, 2014
    I'm very belatedly posting this as part of the blog tour of authors answering questions about their writing process. I was tagged by Jean Redmann, and before her, Clifford Henderson and Angela Koenig. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm finally getting with the program.

    What am I working on?

    I've just sent my newest novel, The Acquittal, off to my publisher, Bold Strokes Books, to be placed in the production line. The book will be released on October 1 and I've very excited about it....

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    Spring 2014 (almost)

    Mar 16, 2014 by Anne Laughlin

    Everyone in Chicago has been talking about our brutal winter for months now. It's been bad from the start. Thankfully, for the good of conversations everywhere, spring starts next week.

    As usual, I've not posted here for a long time. It's just my way, I guess. The most exciting thing that's been going on is the completion of my new novel, The Acquittal. Or nearly completed, I should say. The manuscript is currently with my editor and it's yet to be seen how much additional work I'll nee...
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    December in Vermont

    Dec 5, 2013 by Anne Laughlin

    I have finally, finally, decided on the title for my next book. It will be called The Acquittal and if things go as planned, it will be published in October 2014. Right now I'm at my usual late year writing residency (Vermont Studio Center), fretting and fussing over the manuscript. Since I'm currently writing my THIRD ending for the book, fretting is very much the thing.

    The Acquittal is my first post-dancer book and I'll admit I didn't have the confidence, focus, or stamina that I did befor...

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    Spring 2013 Check-in

    May 6, 2013 by Anne Laughlin

    It's May of 2013, which mean it's exactly a year ago that I finished four months of 'double dose' chemotherapy. I almost never mention the other treatment I received - the lumpectomy, the six and a half weeks of daily radiation - because they seem to be a dream. Gone.


    But chemo lives on and often takes a year to two to run it's evil course through my system. My biggest symptom at this point is chemo brain, a phenomenon in which you act like a woman going through menopaus...
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    Author Blog Hop 2012

    Dec 12, 2012 by Anne Laughlin

               Vermont Studio Center for the ArtsWhile I'm here at the Vermont Studio Center for the Arts, I'm taking part in the Author Blog Hop 2012. Baxter Clare, a writer I've long admired, tagged me, and now I'll answer the same questions about writing that she did last week. Thanks, Baxter!

    What is the working title of your book?

    I'm currently at work on my fifth novel. Case Files is very much a working title, just something to name the computer file holding all the bits and pieces of my work in progress. I am admittedly ...
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    The Lammys and other goings-on

    Jun 28, 2012 by Anne Laughlin

    Linda and I attended the Lambda Literary Awards on June 4 in New York City. I was a finalist in the lesbian erotica category for the book I wrote under a pen name. Getting on the short list for a Lammy is truly an honor, so I wasn't too disappointed when my name wasn't called. We had so much fun that weekend, exploring the city, visiting with our friends Nell Stark and Trinity Tam and then spending quality time with our beloved Joan Larkin. The award ceremony itself was worth the trip. Very u...
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